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Yael Levi is founder and baker at Baby’s Bread, in Ohio (United States). www.babysbread.com

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5:00 am—The oven automatically turns on with the dutch oven inside. My goal is to get up and put some bread in the oven for the family—this is after they complained yesterday that there was no fresh bread in the house.

8:15 am—(Didn’t make it out of bed as planned.) After an overnight proof in the fridge, the bread gets put on parchment, scored, and goes into the hot dutch oven.

8:50 am—Bread is out of the oven and is crackling… Great oven spring… I’m happy… Daughter is happy, she has fresh bread!

9:00 am—My schedule this week is crazy: sick child at home with a virus going on for four days, two house guests, a daughter who just moved back home after her year at university, three other kids coming in and out. There is never a dull moment, so unless I’m planning a sale I never know when I’ll be baking. I’m going to make my multigrain-multiseed for an event that I will be attending this evening, with a delegation of nurses that came from Israel. Weighed out the seeds for my soaker (going to scale it). Didn’t read the formula correctly.

Note to self: focus, especially when so harried! Starting over. Reweighed all the seeds and oats and poured boiling water over the mixture.

9:10 am—Mix flours, water, and starter for autolyse. Weigh salt and put on mixer. This is the best way for me not to forget to add the salt

9:30 am—Hunger has taken over. It’s time for a smoothie (organic greens, frozen fruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, fresh ginger and turmeric).

9:50 am—Add the salt, mix, add the soaker, put dough in container and give it a few stretches and folds with wet hands. Using your hands is the ultimate way to get to know your dough!

This is a free preview of an article published in BREAD Magazine Issue 21.

Buy the issue to read the full article!


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