Photo: Anita Šumer

Anita Šumer is a passionate self-taught 100% sourdough home baker and teacher, based in Slovenia. Follow her on Instagram @sourdough_mania


Wednesday evening—It’s late at night when I prepare my sweet starter/levain to be used in my 100% sourdough Danish pastry. Leave to ferment and double overnight on the kitchen counter.

Thursday morning—I prepare the milky dough and put it in the fridge till late at night. Meanwhile I feed my good companion Rudl with 50% stone-ground wheat and 50% bread flour to keep him nice and strong. It’s cold outside, so I warm a cup of water in the microwave, then put the fed starter into it. After he reaches his peak, I make two levains, one again sweet that I’ll use in my 100% hamburger buns and the other one with 100% stone-ground wheat flour that I’ll use the next day for bread.

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