Some of the most delicious loaves of bread are made with just a few ingredients — flour, water, salt — and great care for the end product. In the same way, I believe farming is best done by keeping things fresh and simple, with the least processing and using a high-quality cereal.

Birkkala Farm in Suomusjärvi, Finland has been around since 1872, and growing spelt for over twenty years. My wife and I continue building on that tradition as we create organic products using original spelt varieties such as Oberkulmer Rotkorn, Schwabenkorn, and Bauländer Spelz, all grown on our family fields.

We see the soil as our foremost customer. With the help of crop rotation and by taking great care of the soil, every fall, we get to harvest a delicious and nutritious crop — with a yield that doesn’t pale in comparison to the ones from regular growers — without the need for fertilizers or pesticides. The long Finnish summer nights when the sun almost never sets give the grain a distinct flavor and help the plants’ roots extract even more nutrition from the ground.

Finally, before shipping the products to you, we stone-mill our grain, adding nothing, just the way you (and we) like it. This is how we continue to nurture the family heritage to one day pass it to future generations, even healthier than it was when we took over.

Simo Larmo
Farmer and miller,
Birkkala Farm
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