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Wolfgang Mock Mockmill stone-ground flour
Wolfgang Mock

For more than 40 years, I have been a strong proponent of whole-grain bread, always insisting that this is the best way to enjoy nature’s fine grain. And for many, many years, I felt isolated in my thinking and practice.

No longer!

Today, there is a booming interest in an “escape” from using only refined flours for bread, pastries, pizza, and pasta. People are starting to realize that there is not just one variety of wheat, and that wheat is not all there is: rye and barley are becoming available in astounding varieties, as well as flours of other foods, such as millet and buckwheat. We of the Mockmill team are very proud to be a part of this movement.
In over 60 countries, our Mockmill 100 and Mockmill 200 tabletop stone mills are creating daily joy in bakeries and kitchens, at mills and on farms:

  • Various types of grains, grown in smaller quantities can be offered to consumers just as they are, harvested and cleaned for milling, and milled in smaller batches.
  • Bakers, pastry chefs, chefs, and pizza bakers are seeing their creativity fired by their ability to mill what they choose, when they choose, into the fine flour or coarse meal they need, exactly as they’d like to have it.
  • EVERYONE for whom these Mockmilled foods are being made gets to appreciate the astounding taste and healthy goodness of freshly milled whole-grain flours.

I’m convinced that this movement will continue to advance, very fast.

I see it in the fascinated look on experienced bakers’ faces when they first see grains transformed into fine, luscious flour, right on their countertops. I see it again when they close their eyes and savor, for the first time, the incredible, natural taste of real whole-grain bread and pasta, of polenta from freshly milled corn. And I greatly appreciate the many messages of thanks I receive for making that possible.

If you haven’t yet experienced the excitement and pleasure of being able to create your own flours on the spot, don’t delay! I have created Mockmill 100 and Mockmill 200 especially for you. Absolute top quality. Unequaled robustness. Finest milling outcome. And made for economic construction so that every baker, pastry chef, and cook can afford one. I hope you’ll decide to become a Mockmiller today!

Wolfgang Mock,
Master Mill Maker www.wolfgangmock.com

Mockmill 100 Wolfgang Mock
Mockmill 100

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  1. Do you know if any company sells the Mockmill 100 in New Zealand?

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