Putting whole grains in the hands of the consumer is the beginning of a transformation that will fix our broken food system.
Wolfgang Mock Mockmill stone-ground flour
Wolfgang Mock

Since I began milling my own flour in 1975, I have been convinced that the best way to consume a grain is to use all of it. When eaten fresh, without removing the bran and germ, a grain is a perfectly balanced, natural package of nutrients and flavor worthy of “middle of the plate” position in your family’s menu.

Learning to recognize, differentiate, appreciate, process, and savor nature’s plethora of grains is eye-opening and empowering. It will enable you to make informed choices in choosing them, based on nutritive composition, flavor profile, and baking characteristics. It always fills me with joy when, after giving just-in-time milling a try, a baker tells me, “Now I understand what flour is.”

When selecting your grain, you also get to choose to support small-scale, local growers in their efforts to sustainably grow chemical-free, identity-preserved grains adapted to your climate and terroir, and play a part in deciding which crops we grow and eat, and how.

We believe that just-in-time milling is the perfect means for achieving this and that it should be affordable and available to everyone, worldwide. That’s why I am very proud to introduce two powerful new stand-alone mills to join our Mockmill lineup this summer. Stay tuned!

Wolfgang Mock,
Master Mill Maker

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Mockmill 100

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