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Bread: A Love StoryJarkko Laine12012How a young boy who loved to buy bread grew up to become a home baker and bread magazine editor.
Chris YoungJarkko Laine12012The coordinator of the Real Bread Campaign tells us why bread matters.
Phil AgnewJarkko Laine12012A passionate home baker and bread blogger from Australia talks about bread.
The RecipeJarkko Laine12012A simple (but complete) bread recipe to get you started.
Larry LowaryJarkko Laine12012With a small bakery on his backyard on Whidbey Island, Larry Lowary keeps baking bread — even though he retired once already.
Richard BertinetJarkko Laine12012The real bread ambassador and author of two popular books on bread talks about baking, ancient techniques, and turning a passion for bread into a career.
My Journey Through DoughJarkko Laine12012How I baked every recipe in Richard Bertinet's book, Dough and what I learned along the way.
Baking Tip: Take NotesJarkko Laine12012A simple idea with a lot of power to improve your baking.
The Beginning of BreadJarkko Laine22012A look at the early days of our daily bread and its impact on culture.
Hedley Poplar and Denver MillsJarkko Laine22012Meet Andrew Charlton, farmer, and Mark Abel, miller, who have found a beautiful and sustainable way to work together to create products that make happy and loyal customers.
Skærtoft MølleJarkko Laine22012In Southern Denmark, this family owned farm mills its own flour and teaches the Danish population to appreciate great bread and good ingredients.
Flour in Bread MakingJarkko Laine22012A look at the some of the most common bread flours — wheat, rye, and barley — and their bread making properties.
Recipe VariationsJarkko Laine22012Using the information we have gathered about flour, you are now ready to vary the basic recipe from issue 1. These two variations will get you started with your experiments.
Viipurilainen KotileipomoJarkko Laine22012A small bakery in the Finnish town of Lahti relies on Finnish rye and direct cooperation with the farmers producing it.
Exotic Flour IdeasJarkko Laine22012When you are bored with wheat or just want to experiment with something new, here are Ideas for other kinds of flour — some more and some less exotic.
Introduction to Home MillingJarkko Laine22012Milling your own flour is the surest way to get fresh flour with all its nutritients intact.
Grow Your Own WheatJarkko Laine22012If you want to know where bread comes from, what better way to find out than creating your own wheat field, for example on your balcony?
Bread FermentationDavid Mason32012Culinary scientist David Mason explains fermentation from bread making's point of view.
A Dough's LifeJarkko Laine32012A look at what happens in a dough's life cycle before it goes into the oven.
Interview: Ying ShiJarkko Laine32012Ying Shi is a talented home baker and a great example of how far deliberate practice will take you.
PrefermentsJarkko Laine32012These traditional techniques will give more flavor and better structure to your bread.
Creating Your First Sourdough StarterJarkko Laine32012Step by step instructions for growing yeast from nothing but flour and water.
Baking Bread With SourdoughJarkko Laine32012How to bake a loaf of sourdough bread using the starter we just created.
Interview: Sébastien BoudetJarkko Laine32012This friendly French baker is building a small revolution in the Nordic country of Sweden.
Fermentation Q&AJarkko Laine32012Troubleshooting a dough that is not rising or doesn't produce the bread you had in mind.
Starter Uses Beyond BreadJarkko Laine32012Ideas for what to do with all the sourdough starter you can't use for bread making.
Cultivating Yeast (Water)Jarkko Laine32012Sourdough isn't the only way to cultivate fresh yeast. Here's another idea.
Interview: Mike 'The Bejkr' ZakowskiJarkko Laine32012Meet the bread making world championship silver medalist and exceptional baker from the slow city of Sonoma Valley, California.
The OvenJarkko Laine42012A look at four ovens used by real people who bake real bread.
Ovens That Build CommunityJarkko Laine42012Community ovens are coming back — with the help of inspired groups of people around the world.
Heat ScienceJarkko Laine42012In the oven, dough transforms into bread. But how does this happen?
The Loaf in a BoxJarkko Laine42012In the summer of 2012, San Sebastián was the home for a pop-up bakery designed for learning and sharing bread inspiration.
Oven HacksJarkko Laine42012Tweaks and ideas that will help you get the most out of your home oven.
Baker on a MissionJarkko Laine42012Tom Baker runs a bakery and cookery school devoted to promoting real food and healthy living, and building community through food.
Bread for ChristmasJarkko Laine42012A recipe for a loaf fit for the Christmas table.
The No Plan OvenJarkko Laine42012What happens when four brothers decide to build an oven — without a plan?
Minimum Effective DoseJarkko Laine52013What is the minimum knowledge needed for baking a perfect loaf of bread?
Micro Baking in New York CityJarkko Laine52013Interview with Jeremy Shapiro.
BreadGramJarkko Laine52013A bunch of friendly bakers hang out on Instagram. Find out where.
Q&A: Baking at High AltitudeJarkko Laine52013Tips for baking a good loaf of bread at high altitude
A Baker For a DayJarkko Laine52013A popup bakery is a clever way to practice your skills at making a bit more bread than usual and selling it to your neighbors.
Kickstarting a BakeryJarkko Laine52013Jason Raducha used Kickstarter to collect the funding for starting his own bakery, directly from his future customers.
Using Whole Grains in BreadJarkko Laine52013Whole grains bring interesting texture to a loaf of bread, but require some extra preparation.
Sprouting Grains for BreadJarkko Laine52013Sprouting grains is an exciting way to bring new flavors to a loaf of bread.
Leipä & PoikaJarkko Laine52013How renovating a house turned into an adventure in baking naturally leavened bread.
Flatbreads Around the WorldJarkko Laine62013A look at flatbreads in history as well as around the world today. And a recipe.
Flatbread from NorwayJarkko Laine62013Norway is a country with a strong flatbread culture that dates back to the middle ages.
#BreadChatJarkko Laine62013Once a month, Twitter buzzes about bread. Here's why.
A Bread Baker's ApprenticeJarkko Laine62013Paulo Sebastião joined an artisan bakery to test the waters and to see what working as a baker really is like.
Oven ReadyVictoria Harley62013In her photo essay, Victoria Harley takes us with her to visit two brilliant real bread bakers.
Teaching Bread MakingJarkko Laine62013Dan McTiernan and Mick Saxton share their tips and experiences from teaching bread making.
Recipe: potato rieskaJarkko Laine62013A recipe from Finland for bread that you can make whenever you have leftover mashed potatoes.
Shaping BreadJarkko Laine72013Instructions for getting started with shaping bread.
How Green Can You Go?Jarkko Laine72013Baking bread is mostly good for the environment — but there are ways to make it even more so.
Smoke / SignalsJarkko Laine72013Tara Jensen is an artist and passionate baker who runs a small handmade bakery on a farm in North Carolina — and thinks that every young person should learn to use a peel.
Kneading ConferenceJarkko Laine72013Kneading Conference gathers bakers, millers, farmers, and oven builders for a weekend of learning and connection.
Starting Good BakeriesJarkko Laine72013International Community Bakeries is a non-profit helping the poorest of poor start bakeries to help themselves and the communities they live in.
The One Mile BakeryJarkko Laine72013This bakery has one strict principle: it will never deliver further than to a one mile radius around the kitchen it is run from.
A Night at a BakeryJarkko Laine82013What happens at a bakery during a night shift, when most of its customers are sound asleep.
Fermentation Q&AJarkko Laine82013Master baker Eric Duhamel answers fermentation related questions sent by readers.
Bread in JapanJetro Laine82013In Eastern Asia, for long, rice has held the place of bread at the dinner table. In the recent years, bread has found its way into the culture.
Yakitate!!! JapanJarkko Laine82013A quirky manga and anime series about bread presents a glimpse into the Japanese mindset.
Zak, the BakerJarkko Laine82013Zak Stern quit his pharmacology studies to apprentice around the world and learn to do something real with his hands. Now he runs an artisan bakery in Miami, Florida.
How To: Make Your Bread SoftJarkko Laine82013For many people, good bread is chewy and crispy. But there are times when you want something softer.
Dreams of Bread and SustainabilityRaluca Micu82013An interview with Ben MacKinnon, owner of the E5 Bakehouse in London — about bread, becoming a baker, and following your dreams.
Where Does Flour Come From?Jarkko Laine92013A visit to Vääksyn mylly, one of Finland's finest traditional flour mills.
Keeping the Art of Milling AliveRaluca Micu92013A visit to Shipton Mill, an artisan mill known since Domesday.
A Baker and His MillJarkko Laine92013Josey Baker runs a bakery-café called The Mill, named after the mill that grinds the flour for his bread — inside the bakery.
An Honest Gluten Free BreadJarkko Laine92013Can gluten free bread be good, natural, and made without artificial additives? Yes it can. This article will get you started with making it yourself.
Buckwheat Artisan BreadChris Stafferton92013A recipe for a good loaf of gluten free bread.
Back to the Wood-Fired OvenJarkko Laine92013An interview with Richard Miscovitch — baker, teacher, and wood-fired oven enthusiast — on making the most of your oven.
The Baker's PeelJesse Merrill92013Jesse Merrill shares the story of his most beloved bakery tool: the hand made unloading peel.
Designing a FormulaBlair Cameron102013As artisan baker Jesse Merrill creates a Mystery Bread using wheat from two Amish farmers, Blair Cameron is there to document the story and lead us through the process of developing a formula.
Bread for CelebrationJarkko Laine102013In this season of holidays, bakers are looking for something traditional yet interesting to share with friends and family. We collected ideas from around the world for inspiration.
From Architecture to BreadRaluca Micu102013Codruța Popa was a successful architect when she found bread. Bread became a passion and lead to a career shift and opening a bakery. In this interview, Codruța tells what it took, what went right, and what didn't.
Writing Books About BreadJarkko Laine102013Martin Johansson is a home baker turned semi celebrity in his home country, Sweden. In this interview, we talk about writing books on bread and making it in the world of publishing.
Bread ClinicJarkko Laine102013You submitted your loaves for feedback. Now, Luc Martin from Tilburg Sourdough gives you his recommendations on what you can do to improve on them.
Back to the BeginningJarkko Laine112014Jarkko's trip back to Senegal, the country where he first learned to love bread got him thinking about great bread, memories, and how much stories really mean to us.
The Making of a BakerJarkko Laine112014In this interview, Master Baker Lionel Vatinet shares his journey to learning and then teaching the art and craft of bread making.
Questions For a Master BakerJarkko Laine112014Lionel Vatinet answers nineteen reader questions about making great bread at home and in a small business.
Bread and SaltRaluca Micu112014An exploration of the tradition, history and science of bread and salt. And practical instructions on picking and using salt in your own bread making.
The Way of the RyeJarkko Laine112014Jukka Kotkanen makes and sells a sourdough starter in order to keep the tradition of Finnish rye bread making alive and to spread it around the world.
The SeedJarkko Laine112014Bread begins as the farmer sows the seeds that will later become flour. Three farmers talk about the first steps in this process.
More Than BreadRaluca Micu112014A visit to Better Health Bakery, a bakery in London that uses baking as a tool to help people recovering from mental illness by providing them a safe place to work.
Going Pro With Phil AgnewJarkko Laine122014Phil Agnew is a professional baker — and still an amateur at heart.
What's in a Technique: AutolyseJarkko Laine122014What is autolyse, and should you put salt in it?
Bakery LifeJarkko Laine122014What happens at the bakery when we are not looking?
Girl Meets FlourRaluca Micu122014One formula, six different ours. An experiment.
Lutz Geißler and Bread in GermanyJarkko Laine122014A small introduction to the land of the Roggenmischbrot.
100% Rye BreadLutz Geißler122014A 100% rye bread recipe from Germany.
Baker's %: Total Formula Versus Final MixJacqueline Colussi122014Thinking about more complex bread formulas.
How to Start a Bread SubscriptionJarkko Laine122014Keep it simple and have fun! Interview with Nurhasanah Johari.
No Oven RequiredJarkko Laine122014Outdoor bread might not be fancy but it’s fun.
The Bread ExchangeJarkko Laine132014Malin Elmlid will trade her sourdough bread for plane tickets, bread ingredients, or a child's drawing.
How to Fit Bread in a Busy ScheduleJarkko Laine132014Three alternative schedules to help you fit bread making in your life no matter what its demands.
Focus on Flour: RyeJarkko Laine132014Why we love the dark and earthy tones of rye, and why you should too.
Make Your Own Rye Sourdough StarterJarkko Laine132014A good rye bread is a slow fermented rye bread. Let's make a starter.
Easy 100% Rye Coins Jarkko Laine132014This simple 100% rye bread recipe is a fun introduction to sourdough rye bread.
Pain de MéteilJarkko Laine132014This traditional and delicious bread from France is right in the middle of wheat and rye baking, using 50% rye and 50% wheat flours.
Rye Bread Tips From the ReadersJarkko Laine132014Tapping into our collective knowledge, we can learn a lot more than on our own.
A Bread Baker's OdysseyJarkko Laine132014Samuel Fromartz's quest for the perfect loaf has lead to the perfect book for bread amateurs.
Bread From the BarbecueJarkko Laine132014You can bake great bread in a barbecue. Megan Forsyth tells you how.
The Bread Man From RaglanJarkko Laine132014An interview with Aaron Brunet, MasterChef New Zealand winner from 2013 and a passionate baker in search for a good life.
The Grain DivideJarkko Laine142014A chat with the producer of the big movie event of 2015 — at least for bread lovers like us.
The Running BakerJarkko Laine142014Anna Häggblom bakes bread and delivers it to her customers by running — two different ways to exercise the body, she says.
Sprouted Grain BreadJarkko Laine142014Peter Reinhart's new book, Bread Revolution, claims that sprouted grain flour is the next big thing! We decided to take a look and find out what it’s all about.
Use Stencils To Add Personality To Your BreadsRob Segovia-Welsh142014Rob Segovia-Welsh from the Chicken Bridge Bakery shows us how to use stencils to create stunning and personal bread designs.
Baking Great Bread in Costa RicaJarkko Laine142014Jose and Mariana are a young couple from Costa Rica who, despite little bread culture and a limited selection of flour, run a small artisan bakery, Passiflory, promoting great bread to their customers.
A Special Kind of WheatGail Nickel-Kailing142014A look into KAMUT, a special kind of the ancient Khorasan wheat: its story as well as its uses.
An Amateur Baker at the Christmas FairRaluca Micu142014Raluca Micu made her dream of selling products at a Saturday market come true by selling her baked goods at a Christmas Fair in London.
New Year's Resolutions For BakersJarkko Laine142014At New Year, everyone makes resolutions for the coming year. What resolutions should we make as bakers?
Bread Clubs Bring Bakers TogetherJarkko Laine152015A bread club is a great way to bring more community to your bread making by getting to know other people who love bread as much as you do.
Decorating BreadJosep Pascual152015Josep Pascual, well known for his Pascual Method, shares two of his basic tips for creating stunning decorated breads.
The Grain of the HermitsJarkko Laine152015A look at barley, the often neglected but nutritious and tasty bread grain used since the dawn of civilization.
A Barley Bread From North AfricaJarkko Laine152015Our take on the traditional barley breads eaten throughout the North African countries.
Barley Sourdough With Sprouted GrainJarkko Laine152015A sourdough bread recipe with barley flour and sprouted barley grains.
Learning to Bake Bread in FranceDanielle Ellis152015Danielle Ellis spent six months in France to learn to bake bread professionally. Follow her on her journey!
A Baker's Favorite Bread: Sonya HundalJarkko Laine152015Sonya Hundal, the friendly baker from Greenfield Bakers, shares her favorite bread recipe. Give it a try and taste for yourself.
Bread Artisan BakeryJarkko Laine152015An interview with Jonnie Lofranco, an artisan baker in Santa Ana, California — what does being an artisan mean for her?
Temperature in Bread MakingJarkko Laine152015Baking bread is an exercise in managing fermentation — that is, more or less, controlling the temperature of the dough as it proves. We take a look at how it's done.
The Bearded Bagel ManJarkko Laine152015Rowan Walker delivers homemade bagels to the people of Edinburgh. We asked him a few questions about bagels and running a tiny baking business.
Honest Bread From HolmaBarbara 'Elisi' Caracciolo162015A story of ancient grains, natural fermentation, fellowship, baking bread together — in the beautiful Swedish countryside.
Making Bread With ChildrenJarkko Laine162015Making bread with children is messy, demanding, chaotic. And fun. Emmanuel Hadjiandreou, the author of Making Bread Together, shares some tips for making the most of it.
Five Questions About BreadOiva Laine162015Jarkko's eight-year-old son, Oiva, interviews Emmanuel Hadjiandreou, asking him tough questions about bread, baking, and writing books about bread.
A Bread ObsessionClare Jackson162015Clare Jackson's baker profile is the story of
a baker finding her obsession: bread.
A Good Sandwich BreadJarkko Laine162015A baker trying to please his family goes looking for the secrets of making a good sandwich bread.
A Life of BreadJarkko Laine162015A young baker from Bulgaria, Presian Petrov, lives and breathes bread and is determined to bring great bread to his home country.
Baguettes for BeginnersJarkko Laine162015Let's face it: we all want to make baguettes. But where to start if you are new to the best-known French bread of our times? Right here!
Making a Dream Come TrueJarkko Laine162015Raluca Micu's bakery is now four months old — so we decided to chat with her and find out how everything is going so far.
The Heritage Miller From CastelvetranoBarbara 'Elisi' Caracciolo172015Meet Filippo Drago, a passionate miller in the Sicilian town of Castelvetrano, determined to bringing back the heritage grains and flours of the region.
Pane Iblio — Traditional Hard Wheat Sicilian BreadBarbara 'Elisi' Caracciolo172015A traditional Sicilian bread recipe inspired by Barbara Elisi's visit to Filippo Drago.
A Family Bakery That Stood the Test of TimeJarkko Laine172015In the heart of Helsinki, you'll find a hidden gem of a bakery: a family bakery that feels like a trip back in time. Running the bakery is hard but rewarding work.
Visiting the Puratos Sourdough LibraryDanielle Ellis172015In St Vith, Belgium, you'll find one of the most interesting libraries for bread lovers: a sourdough library dedicated to preserving the diversity of our sourdough cultures.
Banh Mi: Baguettes From VietnamJarkko Laine172015As a follow-up to our previous issue's baguette article, we take a small look at the baguettes from Vietnam: Banh Mi.
A Baker's Favorite Bread: Sinclair's BakeryJarkko Laine172015We meet Mark Sinclair from Sinclair's Bakery and get to try his famous Potato Bread recipe.
Baking Sourdough Bread With Freshly Milled FlourMaurizio Leo172015Maurizio Leo takes us on a journey to his first hand experiences from making sourdough bread using flour milled using his beautiful hand cranked flour mill.
Country Sour With Freshly Milled FlourMaurizio Leo172015A recipe for a traditional sourdough bread with just enough freshly milled flour to make it special.
Documenting the Rise of a New Grain EconomyJarkko Laine182015Amy Halloran has been closely following the rise of a new kind of grain economy being built around communities rather than commodities. She recently published a book about the stories and people involved.
Laune BreadJarkko Laine182015Christopher MacLeod says his bakery, Laune Bread, is "nowhere and everywhere." A great example of the new grain economy, he bakes bread using best local ingredients, and delivers it to bread subscribers by bike.
Women in BreadBarbara 'Elisi' Caracciolo182015In this interview, we meet three strong-willed and passionate women — Teresa Greenway, Sharlene Mendoza McNeish, and Tami Isaac Pearce — who have made bread a big part of their lives. Each in her own style.
Sourdough Festive RollsTeresa Greenway182015Teresa Greenway's Sourdough Festive Rolls are a treat for the Christmas morning or a beautiful gift to bring to friends and neighbors.
A Natural Partnership of Roses, Sourdough, and BreadJarkko Laine182015Sarah Owens is a gardener and ceramic artist turned baker, turned author and teacher. In this interview, she tells us about her new bread book, Sourdough.
Learn Bread Making, FastJarkko Laine182015We all know bread is a craft and mastering it will take a lifetime (or a long time, anyways). But that shouldn't mean you can't get great early results quickly.
A Baker's Favorite Bread: Michele DogatiJarkko Laine182015Michele Dogati is in the middle of setting up a small bakery, Slow Bread Lab in Milan, Italy. In this article, he shares his favorite rye bread recipe.
The Farmer, The Miller, and The BakerFrançois Thibeault192016François Thibeault shares his experiences apprenticing with a master farmer-miller-baker in Normandy, France.
Learning Artisan Baking in BarcelonaTia Ingle192016Tia Ingle shares what she learned last September at the first International Course of Artisan Baking in Barcelona.
Why Bread?Suzanne Dunaway192016Bread making doesn't have to be hard. Suzanne Dunaway shares her thoughts on the daily bread — and making it yourself.
Focaccia: Basic Dough For Loaves and FlatbreadsSuzanne Dunaway192016Suzanne Dunaway's basic bread dough for your everyday bread needs from focaccia to pizza.
I'll Buy That: Affordability of Artisan BreadDon Sadowsky192016Bread is a staple food, but is artisan bread getting too expensive for the regular people to enjoy? Don Sadowsky decided to find out.
The Making of a Mill MakerJarkko Laine192016For the past 35 years, Wolfgang Mock has been driven by his dream of seeing a mill in every kitchen. Now, he believes he has created the product that can make it happen.
A Baker's Favorite Bread: JeremicheJarkko Laine192016Part-time artisan baker Jeremy Zanni shares his thoughts on a good life, and his favorite bread recipe.
Well Done From the StartMichael Sellers192016Bien Cuit's Zachary Golper talks about regenerative agriculture and how bakers can make a difference.
Exploring the Gluten Sensitivity EpidemicBarbara 'Elisi' Caracciolo192016A good look into gluten sensitivity: what is it, why has it become so common today, and what can we do about it?
Interview: Jeffrey HamelmanJarkko Laine192016In this interview, the beloved master baker talks about his journey to baking, why he enjoys being a baker, writing his book, and more.
Bread Trail: SwedenFrançois Thibeault202016After apprenticing in France, François Thibeault's Bread Trail brought him to Sweden, where he learned about tunnbröd and visited a hip artisan bakery.
Sprouted Buckwheat SourdoughMaurizio Leo202016How using buckwheat in your bread will give it whole new dimensions in color, texture, and flavor. It's the perfect match for the cold winter nights.
Babettes Artisan Bakery — It's All About The FermentTia Ingle202016Tips and advice from Steve Scott, who runs Babettes Artisan Bakery in Denver.
Interview: Daniel LeaderFrançois Thibeault202016Interview with the author and country baker turned into CEO of a state-of-the-art artisanal bakery.
Industry and Artisans — Opposites or Simply Bakers?Jarkko Laine202016Discussing the relationship between artisanal and industrial baking with Karl De Smedt from Puratos.
In Search of a Sustainable Approach to Artisanal BreadFrançois Thibeault, Jarkko Laine202016Building on the interviews, François Thibeault and Jarkko Laine go searching for a sustainable approach to artisanal bread making.
PanettoneSuzanne Dunaway202016Suzanne Dunaway's memories lead you to the season for the Italian favorite, and her recipe gets you started with baking your own.
The Little Things That Sustain UsDon Sadowsky202016A journey into the world of microbes, reporting on the most promising recent findings from microbiology labs and how they relate to wheat, bread and therefore our individual well-being.