BREAD Magazine Motto
A credo signifies not just what you believe in, but what you have given your heart to.
Do you want to give voice to your unspoken credo through bringing your passion for bread to life?
Kneading ConferenceJoin Amy Halloran and BREAD Magazine editors at the Kneading Conference 2017!

What do you want to say about your work with grains? Flour, baking, and bread captivate, inspire, and challenge us in meaningful ways, but communicating their importance and our aspirations to customers and friends is often tough.

This discussion and a series of writing exercises with three bread-focused writers will help you explore your motivations and define your commitment to bread. We will help you find your “element” or “flow” in the path from grain to bread, discover your motto, and articulate the engagement you find in the baking process.

Join us for a working lunch immediately following the session to collaborate on a global bread manifesto.

Do you want to help create a global bread manifesto? Please join us for a working lunch Friday to help identify and express the goals and beliefs of the wider global grain-to-bread movement.

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