This issue explores milling: the craft, what you need to know about it, and its place in the bigger picture of building sustainable grain economies.

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BREAD Magazine Motto

Why do you bake? What do you give your heart and mind to? What do you believe in?

Connecting People Through Bread

A call to empower ourselves and to connect with each other—through bread and baking.

Kneading Words

Do you want to give voice to your unspoken credo through bringing your passion for bread to life?

Sourdough bread at farmers' market near Ty'r Eithin Farm.

Wales: A Journey into the United Kingdom and the Real Bread Campaign

A journey into the United Kingdom and the Real Bread Campaign.

Photo: Anita Šumer

A Few Baking Days with Anita Šumer

Read Anita Šumer’s bread diary as she makes bread over a few days.

Beesham Soogrim

An interview with Beesham Soogrim, a traveling sourdough missionary and vegetarian school chef.

Kneading Conference

The Kneading Conference

The Kneading Conference and Maine Grain Alliance play a major role in the revival of local farming, milling, and baking in North-Eastern United States.

Wolfgang Mock

A Message from Wolfgang Mock (2017)

Wolfgang Mock believes that putting whole grains in the hands of the consumer is the beginning of a transformation that will fix our broken food system.

Hand dusting flour.


What is fresh and local bread? Introduction to the issue’s feature on milling.

Flour Ambassador

The Flour Ambassador Pledge

Writer and flour activist Amy Halloran urges you to become a Flour Ambassador, for your own good and that of many others.

Blair Marvin and Andrew Heyn.

Elmore Mountain Bread

During a two-day stay at Elmore Mountain Bread (Vermont, United States), François Thibeault experienced Andrew Heyn and Blair Marvin’s milling and baking lifestyle.

Sampling fresh stone ground flour.

Testing the Mockmill with Andrew Heyn at Elmore Mountain Bread

Andrew Heyn—professional craft miller and baker, and stone mills builder—tries out the Mockmill and reports.

Milling in South Australia

Tia Ingle meets two bakers in South Australia to discuss the ins and out of flour.

Amber Lambke. Photo: Lily Piel

Amber Lambke from Maine Grains

Amber Lambke co-founded Maine Grains to reconnect bakers with millers, and millers with farmers—and to drive a new regional grain economy.

Photo: Yael Levi / Baby's Bread

A Baking Day with Yael Levi

Read Yael Levi’s bread diary that she wrote during a baking day.

Digging Into Sourdough Culture with Ian Lowe

Barbara Caracciolo discusses with Ian Lowe—Apiece Bakery—about bacteria and yeast fermentation in sourdough culture. Are you ready to put into question what you think you know?

The Rye Baker, by Stansley Ginsberg

The Rye Baker: Classic Breads from Europe and America

Understanding and mastering rye.

Farming: Breeding and Growing Grain for Bread

Next issue focuses on grain and farming. Send us your advice or proposal.

A Family-Run Mill Built in 1934

On a freezing day in January 2016, together with a group of home bakers from Helsinki, Jarkko Laine visited VeckoskiAndersböle Vetekvarn, a small family-run mill built in 1934 in Porvoo, Finland.