Growing grain to make bread. In this issue, we look into grain, farming, and what they mean to us as bakers in homes and artisanal bakeries.

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“We have to look at the whole complex chain of processes, down from the soil to the work of the farmer, to the work of the miller and that of the baker.” — Richard Roberts

James MacGuire: Honoring the legacy of the French bread-making traditions

Capitaine Levain: Advocating for sourdough baking and heritage-grain farming

Richard Roberts: Saving and restoring rare and ancient seeds to make bread

Annika Michelson: Why we need landrace cereal

Nikolay Apanasov: A Russian baker’s quest for organic grain

Brian Lance: Reviving a baking heritage at the Asheville Bread Festival

Barbara E. Caracciolo: Digging into sourdough culture with Ian Lowe

…and more.

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