Ever since our first issue in 2012, we have believed that our readers deserve a publication filled with content they value and can believe in. This also applies to our sponsors: we are convinced that by working with a very limited number of businesses that closely match the values of artisanal bread that we promote and share with our readers, we can make sure all parties leave the table happy.

Your message won’t be buried in the noise. And our readers will be interested in learning more!

Sponsoring BREAD is more than advertising.

Sponsoring an independent magazine like us makes you a part of and strengthens your commitment to building and empowering a global movement for better bread. While this is big in itself, it is also a message you can use in your marketing, in talking to your collaborators, or even to boost your employees’ loyalty.

Plus, you’ll be helping the magazine grow, and reach even more bakers and bread lovers.


Sponsorship Formulas

Interested? There are two ways you can sponsor BREAD Magazine: by sponsoring a magazine issue or by sponsoring our email newsletter.

If you think your business or product is a great match for this type of a partnership and one of these options sounds interesting to you, get in touch!

Sponsor a Magazine Issue

Our primary publication is BREAD Magazine, a digital magazine for home-based breadmakers, micro-bakery owners, professional craft bakers, and bread specialists curious about new ways to connect together and to make better bread. Our readership 

Through BREAD, you’ll reach a worldwide audience (~1800 customers in total) — with the majority of the readers located in the USA, and a great amount located in the UK, Australia, and Canada. 

When you sponsor an issue of BREAD, for the duration of the sponsorship plan, you’ll get:

  • A full page at the center of the magazine dedicated to presenting your company or product in a way that is compelling to our readers.
  • Your company listed as a sponsor on our website, with a link back to yours.
  • The right to use our “BREAD Magazine Sponsor” badge in your marketing.

You will also be able to tell your customers and partners that you are one of our valued sponsors, thus helping grow and encourage a growing international movement for great bread.

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Sponsor our Newsletter

In addition to the magazine, we publish a free weekly newsletter that collects interesting bits of bread making information, news, recipes, tips, and more from the world of breadmaking. 


Active newsletter subscribers~2,500
Open/click rate49%/14%
Top reader originsUSA, UK, Australia, Canada, rest of EU
ProfilesHomebakers, micro-bakery owners, professional craft bakers, bread experts & specialists
Newletter frequencyOnce a week, every Sunday morning
Slots per issueOnly one main sponsor slot per issue
Four classified ads

Main sponsor ad format

The Main Sponsor ad format allows you to engage readers with a compelling visual & textual message. The ad includes:

Main title2-3 words (we may edit this)
Name & URLName of your product and URL
Short subtitle5–7 words that summarise your product
DescriptionThe description of your product (max. 280 characters)
ImageA square image (JPG only, 800 by 800 pixels). A sleek image will be more effective and engaging than a detailed image. Keep the photo, illustration or graphic as simple as possible.

Classified ad format

We also offer four slots for short, text-based classified ads, listed at the bottom of the newsletter. When combined with a main sponsor message, classifieds help build brand or product awareness.

A classified ad is text-based only, with no more than 180 characters. It may include only one hypertext & URL, in bold.

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