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There is Something About Bread

How does pulling a beautiful loaf of bread out of the oven make you feel?

Happy? Eager to taste it? Proud? Curious to learn more and keep trying again? Excited to share the bread with friends and family and to see the expressions on their faces as they taste it?

Maybe it’s one of those emotions, maybe a combination of all of them.

Maybe something totally different.

Or maybe you haven’t baked your first bread yet.

In either case, as you have read this far, it’s safe to guess that bread moves you in some way. It moves us as well: eating bread, making bread, sharing bread with friends and family, talking about bread — we love bread.

Bread Magazine is All About Bread

Entering its fifth year, Bread Magazine is all about bread and the people who make it.

Through baker profiles, stories, in-depth explorations of bread making topics and fun bread making experiments, the magazine is here to inspire you to bake more and through practice, help you improve your bread making — regardless of where you are on your journey to learning the craft of turning flour, water and salt into something unique.

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