This document outlines the key concepts and steps in publishing the weekly newsletter.

MailChimp Process

Start a new newsletter campaign:

  1. Click on Create Campaign at the top right corner (on either the front page after login or on the Campaigns page). Then, in the popup:
    1. Name the campaign “BREAD Newsletter #N” where N is a running number. Check the previous campaign’s number on the list of Campaigns.
    2. The Campaign type should (normally) be Regular.
  2. On the next page, select Bread Magazine as the list, and choose to send to “Entire List.”

Campaign info:

The first page in the Campaign Builder wizard is where you enter the basic information about the newsletter you are sending.
Notice that you can always come back to edit this information (before you send the newsletter).

  • Email Subject: Pick a subject that makes the reader curious to open the newsletter. It should be somehow related to the links in the “issue.”
    • The format for the email subject should always be “N / TITLE” where N is the campaign’s running number.
    • If at the beginning, you are unsure of the title, you can use a placeholder. Just remember to come back to replace it with a final title before sending.
  • From Name: BREAD Magazine
  • Use conversations to manage replies: Check this checkbox
  • Personalize the “To” field: Leave this one unchecked (for now, as we don’t have everyone’s name).
  • Google Analytics Click Tracking / Title for Campaign: Replace the suggested title with “NEWSLETTER_N” where N is the campaign’s running number.
  • Auto-tweet campaign as breadmag: Check this checkbox, then enter the campaign’s title, followed with *|URL|* in the tweet box that opens.
  • Auto-post to Facebook after sending: Check this checkbox, then enter the campaign’s title in the text box. Don’t include the URL tag.
    • From the list of pages to post to, select “Bread Magazine”

Other fields on this page can be left to their default values.

Select a template

On the next page, you’ll pick the campaign’s template.

  1. Click on the Saved Templates tab.
  2. Select Bread Newsletter.


This is where you’ll create the actual newsletter.
Using the material you and the rest of the team has collected during the week, select:

  1. Five interesting links from the world of bread making
  2. One inspiring video (this can be one of the videos we’ve published on Bread Feed during the week, or a different video if nothing that special was posted).
  3. One bread related quote.

The template has placeholders for these items: click on the elements to edit their contents. Then click “Save & Close” and edit another one.
Finally, to complete the newsletter, write a short welcome text with something timely and friendly to make the reader feel included and at home with us.
Throughout the newsletter, we should aim for a friendly, conversational style that makes the reader feel welcome. The goal isn’t to sell but to give value to the reader.
The links are currently created using two different text box types: Boxed Text for elements without an image and Image Card for links with an image. You can use any combination of the two by dragging and dropping them from the tool palette on the right.
When doing so, select one of the following colors as the background for each of the elements:

  • #e3b074
  • #cfe0b9
  • #e3c691

The text color should always be #3d3d3d.
You can preview the newsletter by pressing the button “1” on your keyboard or by selecting the Enter Preview Mode from the Preview and Test dropdown menu at the top of the page.


The last step before sending the newsletter is to go though the summary and make sure everything is correct.

  1. Make sure you have set a subject for the email and the Twitter and Facebook posts.
  2. Enable Social Cards: use the subject as title and select one of the images from the newsletter to show when the newsletter is shared in social media. The description can be a summary of the newsletter, or something more generic such as “A collection of links from the world of bread making, curated by BREAD Magazine.
  3. Take one final look at the preview.

Then, when everything looks good, you can send (or schedule the newsletter) — depending on what time of week it is: the newsletter should always go out on Sunday.

Place the email in the correct folder for archives

Go to the Campaigns page in MailChimp. Then select the checkbox next to the newsletter you just sent or scheduled. Click on the dropdown menu Move To and select Bread Newsletter.
This makes the newsletter show up in the newsletter archive at