The Kneading Conference celebrates real bread. It encourages more and more village bakers to open their doors, more small farms to cultivate grains for local bakeries, and more producers to master the skills of the wood-fired oven which—we believe—produces a superior loaf of bread.

The Kneading Conference brings together grainiacs and bread buffs from all over the United States and Canada—and beyond. Once a year, farmers, professional and home bakers, brewers, chefs, cooks, grain researchers, maltsters, food entrepreneurs, and wood-fired oven enthusiasts gather to educate one another about the art and science of growing and milling grains, baking artisan bread, and brewing delicious beer.

The conference’s success led to the creation of the non-profit Maine Grain Alliance, whose mission is to preserve and promote grain traditions, from earth to table. The Maine Grain Alliance provides opportunities to learn and share how best to grow and use grains, using a combination of traditional, innovative, and sustainable techniques. The Maine Grain Alliance promotes beneficial uses of grain for good health, food independence, and purposeful jobs within viable communities.


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