At the end of 2015, I must admit, I left the magazine hanging.

Especially for those of you who weren’t subscribed to the magazine last year and therefore didn’t receive the Winter 2015 issue.

In that issue, I described my plan to take it slow this year and work on the foundations of the magazine — meaning technology, team building, as well as process improvements to make the magazine better equipped for 2017 and onward. I also called for contributors who’d like to participate in making the magazine amazing.

I was hoping to move quickly and post this update already at some point in January.

It’s April so clearly that didn’t happen!

But the good news is that I now have some good news.

While the work on the process front is taking just its first baby steps, the other two areas of improvement (team building and technology) have seen great progress, and so, today, I feel confident enough to announce the plan for this year.

“Will there be any issues of Bread Magazine published in 2016?”


A big part of why I decided to take it slowly this year was so we could build the publishing processes for Bread Magazine to work as more of a team effort and then ramp up the production next year (the number of issues for 2017 hasn’t been decided yet, but it’s going to be at least four).

This means that in 2016, we’ll publish two issues: one in the summer and another just before the year’s end.

The summer issue is now in the works, and all looks great. The team is excited, and we have a bunch of interesting articles in the works, including an interview with a true bread legend!

I’ll tell more about the issue closer to its publication, but I have a good feeling that this will be our best yet.

Thanks for your patience so far, and happy baking!