Bread relates people to each other. It speaks to the heart of our relationships, and to our ties with nature, art, history, society, and science. At the crossroads of home baking and professional craft baking, BREAD Magazine is an instructive, entertaining and inspiring journey that fosters meaning and deeper connections.


BREAD Magazine was an independent magazine for bread lovers, made by bread lovers. A magazine for people who love and make great bread — for anyone who finds joy and fulfillment in the act of mixing a dough, the slow rhythm of natural fermentation, and listening to the crackling sound that comes from fresh loaves of bread as they cool in the quiet of the home kitchen or the bakery.

As the name implied, the focus in the magazine was strictly on bread: no cakes, no pastry. No food other than bread. If that sounds like the right kind of focus for you, maybe you are a bread lover just like we are? In this case, BREAD is for you.

BREAD focuses on stories, biographies and narratives from the bakers, farmers, and millers’ — and everyone else involved in bread — own perspective. It also puts into question popular beliefs and misconceived ideas by means of in-depth essays and technical discussions, in order to contribute to a higher awareness and knowledge of the issues that bread enthusiasts may encounter.


BREAD Magazine is distributed digitally (and now, for free) as a beautiful, hand-crafted (just like we enjoy our breads) PDF document that you can download from this page.