This issue is a treasure trove for anyone curious about expanding to using rye in his or her bread making. In addition to new rye bread recipes, we explore the history and tradition surrounding this grain that is often neglected (but loved in Eastern and Northern Europe).

In addition to rye — as usual — we meet great bakers from around the world, baking and sharing bread in their own ways — in a barbecue, for example!

In this issue

  • An interview with Malin Elmlid, home baker and founder of The Bread Exchange, a project in which she trades her sourdough bread for pretty much anything except money. Because “everything is not for sale.”
  • Three bread making schedules to help you fit bread making in your life, no matter what its demands.
  • A look at rye, its history and how to use it in bread making.
  • Step by step instructions for making your own rye sourdough starter.
  • Rye coins: A recipe for an easy and fun 100% rye bread.
  • A recipe for a French rye and wheat bread called Pain de méteil.
  • Rye bread making tips sent in by readers (you!).
  • An interview with Samuel Fromartz, the author of a new bread making book, In Search of the Perfect Loaf.
  • An interview with Megan Forsyth, a home baker from Australia who bakes her bread in a barbecue. Unlike my outdoor baking experiments, her breads look awesome!
  • An interview with Aaron Brunet, the MasterChef New Zealand winner from 2013 and a great baker whom you might remember from the “Bread Man” video we highlighted on our list of inspiring bread making videos a little while time ago.

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