We celebrate the humble but ever important joys that come with bread: baking bread, eating bread, starting (or joining) a bread club with like minded people, practicing your craft, and more.

In this issue

  • A look at bread clubs as a way to build community around bread, inspired by the example from Stockholm Bread Club and with information from Saint Paul Bread Club and Chicago Amateur Bakers.
  • Josep Pascual shares some of his tips for creating beautiful decorative breads.
  • A look at barley: its history, its uses and its health benefits.
  • Two barley bread recipes.
  • Danielle Ellis shares the story of how she spent six months learning to bake bread at École Banette in France.
  • Sonya Hundal, the friendly baker from Greenfield Bakers, shares her favorite bread recipe.
  • An interview with BREAD Artisan Bakery, about what it means to be an artisan baker.
  • Controlling temperature in bread making, with real-life experiences from Sam Henley from Baltic Bakehouse and Jesse Merrill from Polestar Hearth.
  • An interview with Rowan Walker, a bearded baker delivering his home made bagels to the fine people of Edinburgh.

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