We meet a cast of brave, obsessed even, bakers not afraid to follow their dreams. We also bake bread.

In this issue

  • Honest Bread from Holma: A story of ancient grains, natural fermentation, fellowship, and baking bread together — in the beautiful Swedish countryside.
  • Making Bread with Children: Making bread with children is messy, demanding, chaotic. And fun. Emmanuel Hadjiandreou, the author of Making Bread Together, shares his tips for making the most of it.
  • Five Questions about Bread: Our editor’s eight-year-old son, Oiva, interviews Emmanuel Hadjiandreou, asking him tough questions about bread, baking, and writing books about bread.
  • A Bread Obsession: Clare Jackson’s (from The Bread Kiln) baker profile is the story of a baker finding her obsession: bread.
  • A Good Sandwich Bread: A home baker trying to please his family goes looking for the secrets of making a good sandwich bread.
  • A Life of Bread: A young baker from Bulgaria, Presian Petrov, lives and breathes bread — and is determined to bring great bread to his home country.
  • Baguettes for Beginners: Let’s face it: we all want to make baguettes. But where to start if you are new to the best-known French bread of our times? Right here!
  • Making a Dream Come True: Raluca Micu’s new bakery, October 26, is now four months old so we decided to chat with her and find out how everything is going so far.

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