We explore flour and milling, meet hard-working bakers who’ve made a living through the craft they love, visit a sourdough library. And of course, bake bread.

In this issue

  • The Heritage Miller From Castelvetrano: Meet Filippo Drago, a passionate miller at Molini del Ponte in the Sicilian town of Castelvetrano, determined to bringing back the heritage grains and flours of the region.
  • Pane Ibleo — Traditional Hard Wheat Sicilian Bread: A traditional Sicilian bread recipe inspired by Barbara Elisi’s visit to Filippo Drago.
  • A Family Bakery That Stood the Test of Time: In the heart of Helsinki, you’ll find a hidden gem of a bakery: K.E. Avikainen, a family bakery that feels like a trip back in time. Running the bakery is hard but rewarding work.
  • Visiting the Puratos Sourdough Library: In St Vith, Belgium, you’ll find one of the most interesting libraries for bread lovers: a sourdough library dedicated to preserving the diversity of our sourdough cultures.
  • Banh Mi: Baguettes From Vietnam: As a follow-up to our previous issue’s baguette article, with Andrea Nguyen’s help, we take a look at the baguettes from Vietnam — Banh Mi.
  • A Baker’s Favorite Bread: Sinclair’s Bakery: In the second installment of “A Baker’s Favorite Bread”, we meet Mark Sinclair from Sinclair’s Bakery and get to try his famous Potato Bread recipe.
  • Baking Sourdough Bread With Fresh Milled Flour: Maurizio Leo takes us on a journey to his first hand experiences from making sourdough bread using flour milled using his beautiful hand cranked flour mill.
  • Country Sour With Fresh Milled Flour: A recipe for a traditional sourdough bread with just enough freshly milled flour to make it special.

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