We celebrate bread: the communities built around it, the ways how it becomes a big part of a person’s life. And of course, bake some ourselves.

In this issue

  • Documenting the Rise of a New Grain Economy: Amy Halloran has been closely following the rise of a new kind of grain economy being built around communities rather than commodities. She recently published a book about the stories and people involved.
  • Laune Bread: Christopher MacLeod says his bakery, Laune Bread, is “nowhere and everywhere.” A great example of the new grain economy, he bakes bread using best local ingredients and delivers it to bread subscribers by bike.
  • Women in Bread: In this interview, we meet three strong-willed and passionate women — Teresa Greenway, Sharlene Mendoza McNeish, and Tami Isaac Pearce — who have made bread a big part of their lives. Each in her own style.
  • Recipe: Sourdough Festive Rolls: Teresa Greenway’s Sourdough Festive Rolls are a treat for the Christmas morning or a beautiful gift to bring to friends and neighbors.
  • A Natural Partnership of Roses, Sourdough, and Bread: Sarah Owens is a gardener and ceramic artist turned baker, turned author and teacher. In this interview, she tells us about her new bread book, Sourdough.
  • Learn Bread Making, Fast: We all know bread is a craft and mastering it will take a lifetime (or a long time, anyways). But that shouldn’t mean you can’t get great early results quickly.
  • A Baker’s Favorite Bread: Michele Dogati: Michele Dogati is in the middle of setting up a small bakery, Slow Bread Lab in Milan, Italy. In this article, he shares his favorite rye bread recipe.

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