The second issue of Bread Magazine, published in 2012, is dedicated to flour: how using a different flour changes the dough and what you need to take into account when experimenting with the wide range of flours available. We also talk to bakers and millers about flour and its role in their work.

In This Issue

  • A look at the early days of our daily bread and its impact on culture.
  • We meet Andrew Charlton, farmer, and Mark Abel, miller, who have found a beautiful and sustainable way to work together to create products that make happy and loyal customers.
  • An interview with Skaertoft Molle, a family owned farm that mills its own flour and teaches the Danish population to appreciate great bread and good ingredients.
  • A look at the some of the most common bread flours and their bread making properties.
  • Two variations to the basic bread making formula from issue 1.
  • Viipurilainen Kotileipomo is a craft bakery in the Finnish town of Lahti on a mission to promote rye grown in the fields next to the bakery, in cooperation with the farmers who produce it.
  • Ideas for some more exotic types of flour to try in your bread making.
  • Introduction to home milling.
  • Experiment: growing your own wheat (in a city apartment).

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