Artisanal Bread In the Marketplace, Microbes and Wheat, Buckwheat, Panettone, and more.

In this issue

  • Bread Trail: Sweden After apprenticing in France, François Thibeault’s Bread Trail brought him to Sweden, where he learned about tunnbröd and visited a hip artisan bakery.
  • Sprouted Buckwheat Sourdough Maurizio Leo shows you how using buckwheat in your bread will give it whole new dimensions in color, texture, and flavor. It’s the perfect match for the cold winter nights.
  • Babettes Artisan Bakery—It’s All About the Ferment Tia Ingle shares tips and advice from Steve Scott, who runs Babettes Artisan Bakery in Denver, Colorado.
  • Daniel Leader: From Country Baker to CEO of a State-of-the-Art Artisanal Bakery François Thibeault interviews Daniel Leader about his journey in turning his small wood-fired operation, Bread Alone, into a “state-of-the-art artisanal bakery.”
  • Industry and Artisans — Opposites or Simply Bakers? Jarkko Laine discusses the relationship between artisanal and industrial baking with Karl De Smedt from the Puratos Center for Bread Flavour.
  • In Search of a Sustainable Approach to Artisanal Bread Building on the interviews with Daniel Leader and Karl De Smedt, François Thibeault and Jarkko Laine go searching for a sustainable approach to artisanal bread making.
  • Panettone Suzanne Dunaway’s memories lead you to the season for the Italian favorite, and her recipe gets you started with baking your own.
  • The Little Things That Sustain Us Don Sadowsky takes you on a journey into the world of microbes, reporting on the most promising recent findings from microbiology labs and how they relate to wheat, bread and therefore our individual well-being.
  • Book Review: Danielle Ellis reviews “Perfecting Sourdough” by Jane Mason.

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