An issue about the diversity of bread at all levels. From soil to the hearth, grain to flour, and the diversity of people and experiences that shape the world of bread-making.

In this issue

  • François Thibeault – Artisans of Terroir. How craft bakers in the Province of Québec (Canada) go full circle from grain to loaf.
  • Stanley Ginsberg – Diversity on the Shelves. What we need to know about grain and flour diversity, with a focus on rye.
  • Amy Halloran – Bread Farming: Crop Diversity is the Recipe for Better Soil. Why there is not enough grain diversity in production, and why it matters for our health.
  • Beatriz Echeverría – A Bread Magazine in Spain. A look at the evolution of a Spanish indie magazine about bread.
  • Devorah Vester – Healing through Sourdough. Building resilience in the face of challenges by baking sourdough bread.
  • Tia Ingle – Promise and Fulfilment. An interview with author Chris Stafferton.
  • François Thibeault – Modernist Bread. An Interview with Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya.
  • François Thibeault – Living Bread: Tradition and Innovation in Artisan Bread Making. A review of Daniel Leader’s most recent book.