We turn our attention to the final step in bread making: baking the bread, ovens, and the warmth and community that is built around them. It is all about ovens: how to make the most of your oven, how to build one without a plan, and how ovens bring us closer to each other.

In this issue

  • Four ovens used by four home bakers to bake real bread.
  • Community ovens are coming back — with the help of inspired groups of people around the world.
  • In the oven, dough transforms into bread. But how does this happen? An exploration of the science of heat.
  • A look at The Loaf (in a Box), a pop-up bakery project designed for learning and sharing bread inspiration.
  • Tweaks and ideas that will help you get the most out of your home oven.
  • Interview with Tom Baker, a baker who runs a bakery and cookery school devoted to promoting real food and healthy living.
  • A Christmas bread recipe.
  • What happens when four brothers decide to build an oven without a plan?

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