Flatbreads from all over the world — tortillas, pita, rieska, and so on. And as usual: bakers, bakeries, and helping you bake better bread.

In this issue

  • A look at flatbreads in history as well as around the world today. And instructions on how to bake them yourself.
  • Flatbreads from Norway, a country with a strong flatbread culture dating back to the middle ages.
  • #BreadChat: Once a month, Twitter buzzes about bread. Here’s why.
  • Paulo Sebastiao joined an artisan bakery to test the waters and see what working as a baker really is like.
  • Oven Ready, a photo essay about Victoria Harley‘s visits to two brilliant real bread bakers.
  • Dan McTiernan and Mick Saxton, both teachers in bread making, share their tips and experiences in teaching bread making.
  • A recipe for the Finnish potato flatbread, rieska.

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