Doing good with bread. Shaping. Sustainable baking. Smoke Signals. Kneading Conference.

We all love a good loaf of bread — but in addition to this, bread can be a way to make the world a better place. We explore different ways to be a conscious baker and make a difference.

In this issue

  • An introduction to shaping bread.
  • How to make your bread making more sustainable for the environment.
  • An interview with Tara Jensen, an artist and passionate baker who runs Smoke Signals Baking, a small bakery in North Carolina.
  • Kneading Conference gathers bakers, millers, farmers, and oven builders for a weekend of learning and connection.
  • How International Community Bakeries helps the poorest of poor build small bakeries.
  • The One Mile Bakery has one strict principle: it will never deliver bread further than one mile from the bakery.

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