The art of milling flour. Gluten free baking. Wood-fired ovens. A baker’s favorite tool.

We think about flour: visits to two mills, one in Finland and one in the U.K., a chat with a baker who mills his own flour, and an exploration in the world of gluten free baking make sure you get your hair covered in flour.

In this issue

  • A visit to Vääksyn Mylly, one of Finland’s finest traditional flour mills.
  • An interview with the miller from Shipton Mill, an artisan mill known since Domesday gives us insight on milling and what makes great flour.
  • Josey Baker runs a bakery-café called The Mill, named after the mill that grinds the flour for the bread — right there, inside the bakery.
  • An introduction to making gluten free bread that is good, natural, and made without artificial additives.
  • A recipe for Gluten Free Buckwheat Artisan Bread.
  • An interview with Richard Miscovich about making the most of a wood-fired oven.
  • A story about a baker’s most beloved bakery tool: his hand-made unloading peel.

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