Bread Magazine Motto

Why do you bake?

What do you give your heart and mind to?

What do you believe in?

At BREAD Magazine, we empower people to bake bread that makes a difference. This is our “why,” our core reason for doing what we do.

How do we achieve this purpose? We foster meaning and connections. What is the testimonial of our commitment and engagement? It’s these words you’re reading. It’s this independant magazine that we publish; the inspiring, entertaining and instructive stories to keep you doing what you love to do.

We came up with the idea of a credo or motto not long ago when we asked ourselves if we could create a statement that would reflect not only our credo but that of a community of passionate bread makers.

As we understand it, a community is always locally defined — however dynamic and multifaceted such a definition is constructed. A community starts with people, real, tangible, in-flesh people that relate to each other through meaningful relationships.

Beyond the local, communities exist and perform in a complex, global network of interdependent interactions, organizations, and systems. We can’t avoid the fact that we now live in a globalized society of some sorts.

We create our worlds through intimate relationships as much as we build it through our understanding of the wider issues that humanity and nature face. We can change something in this world, for the worst or the better.

We choose craft baking as a means to improve our connections to each other, to heal hearts, and to make this Earth a better place.


Join the movement.

Bake bread.

Make a difference.