Bread Feed

Every weekday, we post a bread related video, photo or link on our Tumblr blog, Bread Feed. Here are some of our latest finds.

  • "It’s probably one of the simplest things you can add to a meal to make it feel whole."

    A great video from the new publication Terasu.

  • Time-lapse video with a baker shaping bread.

  • Lionel Vatinet shows how to make a Scandinavian inspired rye bread. 

    See our Spring 2014 issue for an interview with the master baker.

  • "It feels the same as when an artist finishes their painting and gets to show it to the world."

    Tamar Wiener is talking about her Challah, but the I’m sure the feeling applies to all kinds of bread we make.

  • Now here’s a lovely small bakery. Enjoy!

  • Use the Flour: Bag End Bread

    Don’t let your kitchen shelves become filled with bags of old flour! Instead, use these ideas (and the recipe) to turn them into a delicious bread adventure.

  • Sourdough September Ideas

    Nine ideas to make Sourdough September your favorite month of the year, while spreading the joy of sourdough baking and great bread.

  • The 14 Steps of Bread Making

    The process of bread making explained in 14 simple steps and their variations. Every step also includes a “how-to” section explaining the idea and some tips.

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