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Every weekday, we post a bread related video, photo or link on our Tumblr blog, Bread Feed. Here are some of our latest finds.

  • Two New Issues in 2016

    At the end of 2015, I must admit, I left the magazine hanging.

    Especially for those of you who weren’t subscribed to the magazine last year and therefore didn’t receive the Winter 2015 issue.

    In that issue, I described my plan to take it slow this year and work on the foundations of the magazine — meaning technology, team building, as well as process improvements to make the magazine better equipped for 2017 and onward. I also called for contributors who’d like to participate in making the magazine amazing.

  • 15 New Year's Resolutions for Bread Bakers

    At the end of the year, most people like to look back and analyze the past year while planning what to do differently the next. Some of the decisions stick, many don’t. But either way, New Year’s resolutions are a checkpoint to see if your desires and actions match and if there’s something you might want to do differently in the coming year.

    As this is a magazine about bread, let’s talk about bread: Are there bread and baking related New Year’s resolutions that we could all try to achieve this year?

  • It's Not About the Recipe

    Fine-tuning the recipes for the upcoming sixteenth issue of Bread Magazine, I have found myself thinking a lot about what a recipe (or formula, as we often call it) in bread making really is. This blog post is my attempt to explain where I stand on the question today — and a call for your ideas about recipes.

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