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Every weekday, we post a bread related video, photo or link on our Tumblr blog, Bread Feed. Here are some of our latest finds.

  • A great video showing every step of the bread making process at Fournil Ephémère.

  • Winter baking tip: or DDT and bread

    Controlling temperature is an important part of what makes a beautiful, tasty loaf of bread. This article from Sam Fromartz will give you a good introduction to the topic.

    For some more talk about temperature in bread making, including comments from two great bakers, check our recent magazine issue.

  • Chad Robertson visits De Superette, an artisan bakery in Belgium, talks about good bread.

  • Bread is a great tool for supporting the less fortunate, be it by donating food, giving job opportunities, or teaching people.

    Here’s one good example of this kind of work in action.

  • Daniel Testard became a baker at the age of three (when he started his apprenticeship at 13, he says he already knew his profession) — but it took many more years of baking, and a decade away from the bakery for him to find the way of bread making that liberates rather than enslaves him: baking slowly fermented bread by hand.

    Today, Daniel bakes bread twice a week, selling to happy and loyal customers, and has time for his other passions: music and gardening.

    The video is in French.

  • Use the Flour: Bag End Bread

    Don’t let your kitchen shelves become filled with bags of old flour! Instead, use these ideas (and the recipe) to turn them into a delicious bread adventure.

  • Sourdough September Ideas

    Nine ideas to make Sourdough September your favorite month of the year, while spreading the joy of sourdough baking and great bread.

  • The 14 Steps of Bread Making

    The process of bread making explained in 14 simple steps and their variations. Every step also includes a “how-to” section explaining the idea and some tips.

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