Creating a bread formula. Holiday bread. Baking Q&A. Codru de Paine. Writing books about bread.

This issue will give you ideas that you can use when it’s time to create a bread formula of your own.

In this issue

  • Designing a mystery bread formula with artisan baker Jesse Merrill (Polestar Hearth), using wheat bought from two Amish farmers.
  • Ideas for holiday bread that is traditional yet interesting to share with friends and family.
  • How Codruta Popa went from being a successful architect to becoming a baker and opening a bakery.
  • An interview with Martin Johansson — a home baker and bread book author from Sweden — about writing books on bread and making it in the world of publishing.
  • Luc Martin from Tilburg Sourdough comments on breads and questions submitted by readers.

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