The issue approaches the craft of bread making with an eye on beginnings. It takes a fresh look at bread: what it means to us, what kinds of traditions are linked to this “staff of life”, a journey to bread making.

In this issue

  • A trip to Senegal got our editor thinking about great bread, memories, and how much stories mean to us.
  • Master Baker Lionel Vatinet from La Farm Bakery shares his journey to first learning and then teaching the art and craft of bread making.
  • Lionel Vatinet answers reader questions about making great bread.
  • An exploration into the tradition, history and science of bread and salt.
  • How Jukka Kotkanen uses his Raimugido rye sourdough starter to keep the tradition of Finnish rye bread making alive.
  • Bread begins as the farmer sows the seeds that will later become flour. Three farmers talk about the first steps in this process.
  • A visit to Better Health Bakery, a bakery in London that gives a new beginnings to people recovering from mental illness by providing them a safe place to work.

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