This issue combines many of our favorite things: presenting bakers from around the world (Australia, Germany, Indonesia), starting and running small bakeries, making a living doing what you love — and bread making experiments.

In this issue

  • An interview with Phil Agnew, a passionate home baker turned professional — but still an amateur at heart.
  • An exploration of the autolyse technique: its past, its present, and its usages in bread making.
  • What happens at the bakery when we are not looking?
  • One formula, six different flours. An experiment to find out what difference flour makes.
  • An introduction to bread in Germany.
  • Lutz Geißler’s 100% Rye Bread recipe.
  • A look into baker’s percentage in complex formulas.
  • Nurhasanah Johari shares her experiences in running a subscription based micro bakery, Woodlands Sourdough, in her home in Singapore.
  • Some outdoor bread making experiments to celebrate summer.

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