This issue looks at the bread revolution or renaissance taking place around the world: how bakers, millers, and farmers are coming together to bring wheat back to its rightful place; using sprouted flour to bring more health to your baking; building great bakeries… And much more.

In this issue

  • An interview with JD McLelland, the director of the upcoming film, The Grain Divide.
  • How Anna Häggblom became “The Running Baker” in order to keep her freezer from exploding.
  • Anna’s Julmust Bread recipe
  • A look into Peter Reinhart’s new book, Bread Revolution, and its ideas on using sprouted flour for bread making.
  • Rob Segovia-Welsh from Chicken Bridge Bakery shares his tips for using stencils to create stunning and personal bread designs.
  • An interview with a baking couple from Costa Rica who together form Passiflory, a small, inspiring artisan bakery.
  • An exploration of the Kamut wheat variety.
  • Raluca Micu’s experiences baking for her first Christmas fair.
  • Ideas for New Year’s resolutions for bakers to adopt for 2015.

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