Grains, gluten sensitivity, sustainable farming, home milling, the affordability of good bread, and much more.

After meeting inspiring people from master baker Jeffrey Hamelman to Bien Cuit’s Zachary Golper to mill-maker Wolfgang Mock, you’ll be wanting to bake more, experiment, and improve your craft–perhaps by making some of Jeremy Zanni’s ficelle?

In this issue

  • The Farmer, the Miller, and the Baker: François Thibeault shares his experiences apprenticing with a master farmer-miller-baker in Normandy, France.
  • Learning Artisan Baking in Barcelona: Tia Ingle shares what she learned last September at the first International Course of Artisan Baking in Barcelona.
  • Why Bread?: Bread making doesn’t have to be hard. Suzanne Dunaway shares her thoughts on the daily bread—and making it yourself.
  • Focaccia: Basic Dough for Loaves and Flatbreads: Suzanne Dunaway’s basic bread dough for your everyday bread needs from focaccia to pizza.
  • I’ll Buy That: Affordability of Artisan Bread: Bread is a staple food, but is artisan bread getting too expensive for the regular people to enjoy? Don Sadowsky decided to find out.
  • The Making of a Mill Maker: For the past 35 years, Wolfgang Mock has been driven by his dream of seeing a mill in every kitchen. Now, he believes he has created the product that can make it happen.
  • A Baker’s Favorite Bread: Jeremiche: Part-time artisan baker Jeremy Zanni shares his thoughts on a good life, and his favorite bread recipe.
  • Well Done from the Start: Bien Cuit‘s Zachary Golper talks about regenerative agriculture and how bakers can make a difference.
  • Exploring the Gluten Sensitivity Epidemic:
  • Barbara ‘Elisi’ Caracciolo takes a good look into gluten sensitivity: what is it, why has it become so common today, and what can we do about it?
  • Jeffrey Hamelman: In this interview, the beloved master baker talks about his journey to baking, why he enjoys being a baker, writing his book, and more.

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