This issue explores milling: the craft, what you need to know about it, and its place in the bigger picture of building sustainable grain economies.

In this issue

  • Wales: A Journey into the United Kingdom and the Real Bread Campaign
  • A Few Baking Days with Anita Šumer
  • An interview with Beesham Soogrim, a traveling sourdough missionary and vegetarian school chef.
  • Milling: What is fresh and local bread? Introduction to the issue’s feature on milling.
  • The Flour Ambassador Pledge: Writer and flour activist Amy Halloran urges you to become a Flour Ambassador, for your own good and that of many others.
  • Elmore Mountain Bread: During a two-day stay at Elmore Mountain Bread (Vermont, United States), François Thibeault experienced Andrew Heyn and Blair Marvin’s milling and baking lifestyle.
  • Testing the Mockmill with Andrew Heyn at Elmore Mountain Bread
  • Milling in South Australia: Tia Ingle meets two bakers in South Australia to discuss the ins and out of flour.
  • Amber Lambke co-founded Maine Grains to reconnect bakers with millers, and millers with farmers—and to drive a new regional grain economy.
  • A Baking Day with Yael Levi
  • Digging Into Sourdough Culture with Ian Lowe
  • Stanley Ginsberg. The Rye Baker: Classic Breads from Europe and America

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