Micro baking. Using whole grains in bread. Instagram. Kickstarting a bakery. Restaurant Day. Leipä & Poika.

What do you do when you love to bake bread but can’t find a good excuse for baking more of it every day? The issue takes a look at the concept of micro baking, or running a small — tiny even — bakery right there in your home. That, and much more.

In this issue

  • What’s the least you need to know to bake an amazing loaf of bread
  • An interview with Jeremy Shapiro, a New York chef who spends all his free time baking bread, selling some of it to a small but loyal group of customers every Friday night.
  • A bunch of friendly bakers hang out on Instagram. Find out where, then join us.
  • Tips for baking a good loaf of bread at high altitude.
  • Ideas for running a bakery for just a day — as a test to see what it would be like to make more bread and sell it to your neighbors.
  • How Jason Raducha used Kickstarter to go straight to his future customers to collect funding for starting his bakery, Noble Bread.
  • Using grains in bread.
  • Sprouting grains to make exciting new breads.
  • A story of how renovating a house in the Finnish countryside turned into an adventure in baking naturally leavened bread.

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