A night at the bakery. Q&A with a master baker. Japan. Zak the Baker. E5 Bakehouse.

This issue is all about bakers and bakeries: what leads people to still start new craft bakeries in the modern day, what happens at the bakery when no one is watching, and why finding and following your dreams matter.

In this issue

  • We spent a night at Kanniston Leipomo, a craft bakery in Helsinki, Finland, watching bakers at work while most of their customers are sound asleep.
  • Master baker Eric Duhamel — head baker at Daylesford answers fermentation related questions sent in by readers.
  • A look at the state of bread in Japan. Is bread finding its way into the culture once dominated by rice?
  • Yakitate!!! Japan is a manga and anime series about baking bread.
  • Zak Stern quit his pharmacology studies to apprentice around the world and learn to do something real with his hands. Now he runs an artisan bakery, Zak the Baker, in Miami, Florida.
  • Tips for making your bread softer.
  • An interview with Ben MacKinnon — owner of the E5 Bakehouse in London — about bread, becoming a baker, and following your dreams.

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